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Krystan-Grace Art


Humanity and our psychology is simply stunning. 





Krystan-Grace was born in Nottingham, UK, but spent 9 years of her childhood in New Plymouth, New Zealand. Since moving back to the UK in 2010, she has settled in Manchester and begun to integrate herself into the Manchester art scene. Art and creativity have always been a large part of Krystan-Grace's upbringing, both of her parents were incredibly enthusiastic about creativity and were constantly encouraging curiosity and education. It was because of this, that Krystan-Grace developed a love for learning and became fascinated with humanity and our psychological and sociological history. Egyptology and mythological theories are a focus point of Krystan-Grace's fascination. 

Portrait art became a passion of hers a couple of years ago, when she discovered that drawing could be used as a meditation technique. Before this she channeled her research into photography projects, a practice of hers that is still active. Since deciding that she wanted to be a Portrait Artist, Krystan-Grace has work on many projects, including three magazine articles/features, album covers, street art and is currently organising her first fine art exhibition. Limited edition fine art prints will be available for pre-orders soon.